Alejandro Di Leo

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21 years old
CABA, Argentina
JS Developer
Coffee lover

Work experience

Globant, Web UI developer

June 2018 - Present

- Front end JPMC Academy

- Development of an in-house tool in the Infrastructure domain

- Development of Node scripts to ease my day-to-day workflow

- Taught training courses on Javascript, React, Redux and testing React components for backend developers

I have experience in

- Agile Methodologies


- HTML5, CSS3, Javascript ES6, React (Classes and Hooks), Redux

- Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Jest, Enzyme, Cypress

- Node, MongoDB, Puppeteer

- Webpack, Babel

- Different Git workflows

The Atlassian stack

- Jira, Bitbucket, Confluence

- Working with off-site and on-site teams

- Explaining abstract concepts and technologies to team members


UADE, Computer Engineering

February 2018 - Present

Colegio Alemán de Temperley

February 2010 - December 2015


English, Cambridge English

Level B2

German, Sprachinstitut Tübingen

Level B2

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